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House Kitchen

Just like at a friend’s home, fausto’s kitchen is always open. Guests are always welcome to enjoy the flavours & comfort of a Peruvian home. 

Social & Comfort Food

Fausto's social food options include carpaccio, Peruvian cheese tasting boards, and other finger food options ideal for sharing. Our comfort food options are, as the name suggests, meant to be enjoyed after a long day of activities. They include pasta, soups, salads, and more. 

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Open pantry

Stocked with an array of daily-baked sweets and savoury snacks, our house fridge has a full display of fruits, charcuterie bits, and refreshing drinks.

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Honesty bar

Our self-service bar is open at all times; all you have to do is record what you take. 

We offer a curated selection of wine, spirits and soft drinks. If you prefer your drinks prepared by someone else, you can always order from fausto’s signature drinks menu.

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