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Somewhere in Miraflores

Nestled on a charming tree-lined street, fausto is a haven in the bustling Lima. Only a short walk away from the ocean's edge, this hideaway finds its place in one of Lima’s liveliest districts. Miraflores is a neighbourhood steeped in history and heritage that also boasts with energy and life. It's often referred to as the crossroads of tradition and modernity, where travellers and locals meet.

Begin your day in Miraflores

with a stroll along the picturesque Malecón, soaking in breath-taking cliffside ocean views. As you wander, you'll encounter vibrant fruit carts offering unique Peruvian fruits- like an enticing granadilla or a sweet nutty-tasting lucuma - or your everyday options that are somehow more flavourful when grown by local farmers. As the day goes by, explore the local culinary scene at one of the district's numerous eateries, many acknowledged among the World’s 50 Best and others only locals are privy to.

Image by Selina Bubendorfer

Cultural enrichment

Miraflores houses a range of galleries and museums, showcasing local art and history. 

Explore the district’s bustling artisanal markets, where unique handmade crafts and authentic products from across Peru showcase the country's rich traditions. As the sun sets, Miraflores transforms into a hub of young, vibrant energy, brimming with options and possibilities.

Only a few blocks away
from the sea-front

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